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Download close the computer program automatically Winmend Auto Shutdown

Considered Auto Shutdown Program of the strongest and most important programs that help to shut down a computer automatically without pressing the Ristert button, then click on Shutdown, where you through the program to determine the timing, which closes the computer, and you can specify the timing of the closure of the computer at any time determined by by adjusting the settings for the program, you can also specify a fixed time closes the computer every day,and the advantages of the program save time while downloading files from the Internet with large sizes, where you can leave your computer running while loading files and adjust the Auto Shutdown program to close after almost Processing time, the program also allows users to cancel or suspend the shutdown process with just one click.

From the front of the main program, you can adjust the status of the device and method of closing, and determine the time for the device to automatically closure and determine the time in minutes and hours, and you can color the program's interface has changed through the choice of colors available, such as blue and green, and is the program a practical solution to the closure device computer at times that are not using your computer, or when downloading specific files and left open the computer, you can set the program and work Shutdown automatically, the software is free and does not require a possibility of working on the computer it works on all versions of Windows without any problems.

About the program Winmend Auto Shutdown

Software version: WinMend Auto Shutdown
Year of release: November 2015
Developer: WinMend.com
Program official website
Program size: 2.13 Mb
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: All Windows versions
Windows XP -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software License: Free

Download Winmend Auto Shutdown for Pc

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