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With the increasing number of smartphones worldwide mobile both phones that run the Android system or IOS or Windows 10 system, a subsidiary of Microsoft, we need programs and applications in order to measure the speed of the Internet on the phone, whether we are using the wireless internet or the networks as we call it Wi-Fi networks, or even Mobile Internet networks for the telecommunications company. Today ask you to free Speedtest.net program through which you will be able to measure the speed of the net with high accuracy high your mobile phone.

Speedtest.net program features:
The program of the production of the famous Ookla company is one of the most important free services available to Internet users, whether on smartphones or even mobile computers through her official web site. As I mentioned, the Speedtest.net program that works on Android phones and IOS system was launched a formal copy of which run on 10 computers and the Windows operating system and soon will launch a private Buendoz 10 for portable devices copy. Speedtest.net application that will let you know and measure the speed of the Internet within 30 seconds and will give results in a very precise, you can also see loading and lifting operations on the network and testing of public communication, and there are some charts to illustrate the extent of online communication stability of the network. Speedtest.net program will work on the discovery of problems in the Internet and easily repaired.

For users of Windows 10 computers can download from here.

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