Movavi Video Editor 12 final

Download program amendment and cut video Movavi Video Editor 12

Movavi Video Editor software programs that help you edit and modification, and the writing on the video and where you can cut up or merge or remove part of the video at high resolution and improved video quality, when using the software, you can bring the video from many sources such as camera and television and applying filters and effects and significant integration of any audio with the video file for the amendment on video and the program allows to save the video on the computer device after modification or save it to run on mobile phones directly, and you can work on the program easily, it does not require any expertise to work on it and it is the best solution to the experience of an amendment to the video, as a small program of about 50 mega-sized bytes, unlike other big space programs, so it is an opportunity to experience the program properly.
Movavi Video Editor software provides the possibility of create a slide show for the video, and through the addition of many images you can create an album of pictures characteristically and adding sound effects and sound installation and save the project on the computer or Mobile or share what has been implemented on the Internet and the program deals with formulas video like AVI, MOV, MP4, MP3, WMA,and a video camera from the camera with a recording of your voice from a microphone, and transfer to your computer easily and most important characteristic of the program, is cutting parts unimportant in the video and the integration of more than one video in a single video file and rotate the video at different angles and lighting control, and the colors in the video and easily improve the quality of video available Destiny, and there are more than 160 effect you can use it on video and add aesthetic touches, and the program provides more than 100 different type line you can choose them for his book on video.

About Movavi Video Editor software for PC

Software Version: Movavi Video Editor 12.0.1
Year of release: October 2016
Developer: movavi
Program official website
Program size: 50 MB
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: All Windows versions
Windows XP -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software license: DEMO

Download Movavi Video Editor 12 for PC


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