Always we need to program computers to help us in converting formulas, whether formats for video or audio formats, with the Hybrid program is with us today will be able to convert all formats, without exception, and converted to the format that you want and with ease.

Hybrid software supports converting MKV famous and frequently used formula in movies large and high-quality videos, and you can also transfer them from AVI format, for example. Also available for you video to MP4 format and control in the final quality of the video converter, and thus will be able to save these videos on your mobile phone And enjoy watching them at any timed. Hybrid program gives you the ability to control the quality and accuracy of the conversion formulas intended it as a clear image by changing Bitrate, you can also control the size of the final file through the Target Size. Music lovers can use the software to convert to MP3 format MP3, which is the formula for months sound very suitable for work on modern smartphones.

Developer: selur.
Compatible with Windows: 10, xp, vista, 7,8.
Size: 172 MB.
License: Free.
Download Hybrid program.

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