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Download maintenance program and speed up your computer for free WinUtilities 13.11
Win Utilities program classified as of professional tools that will help you organize the performance and the work of the computer, which helps you get rid of unnecessary and broken images or damaged and clean your computer is full of irregularities and clean the Registry and system files Win Utilities program that doing a thorough examination of all the hard files, and delete files that occupy space on the hard without the benefit of them, such as irregularities applications and programs and information surfing the Web and cache and cookies,win Utilities program works to find duplicate files and delete them and also clean up the trash once and for all, working to delete cookies.

The program has a simple interface lets you access what you want, whether in cleaning hard or cleaning the Registry and system files, or remove programs and improve the performance of your computer irregularities helping you to reach as fast to work the computer components effectively and allows your program when you make Cleaning process of selecting the possibility of removing files or repair damaged Registry files, delete cookies, remove the files in easy-to-recycle and the possibility of closure or restart the computer after the end of the screening process has been updating the database and update the language in the latest version.

About the program win Utilities 2016
Software Version: WinUtilities 13.11
Developer: YL Software
Program size: 6.13 Mb
Release Date: August 2016
Language: Multilingual
Work environment: all Windows versions
Software licenses: Freeware
Classification: Download Program

Download WinUtilities 13.11 for PC

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