Download Windows 10 ISO

 The Windows 10 to the latest versions of Windows own company, Microsoft, and users can previous versions of Windows, such as Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 to get an upgrade to Windows 10 for free without any additional charges for a year, as well as users of Windows Insider Program, which was launched by the company of a few months to urge users on Windows experience 10 beta version to detect problems and defects and work to fix them, and the new version is available 32 system-bit and 64-bit operating system and the user can choose among them, users of 32-bit save space on the hard drive to 16 GB to install Windows on a computer system and random memory about 1 GB As for the 64-bit system for the 64-bit system we need an area of ​​20 GB available on the installation hard disk and RAM, about 2 GB in order to install Windows, and has many users install Windows on your computer in the first 24 hours of launch windows, bringing the count to 14 million users.

 Features of the new Windows 10 from Microsoft 
Backs Start menu and Start that were canceled in Windows 8, 8.1.
Surf the Internet through the new Edge browser from Microsoft.
Improvements in Windows Defender program and to make Windows more secure.
The availability of an Office application on Windows Mobile, which contains Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
The presence of Windows Store shop and you can download new applications.

 Download the new Windows 10 from Microsoft on your computer 
You can download an ISO windows 10 on your computer and copy to USB stick and install it on your computer with ease through the utility that provided by Microsoft Windows to load with ease and without problems.



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