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Explain and assess the Strava
Millions of practitioners of sports running and biking in the world and prefer to use the application Strava day during practice sports in order to measure their progress, and share their photos, their experiences and their stories and their experiences with millions of other users around the world.
Application provides one of the most important features of the applications of sports and physical health, is tracking feature activity, which allows tracking the distance, speed and the length of time and amount of calories burned and many other statistics, it also offers an interactive map of the Areas, which had been traffic during the practicing the sport.
Allows you to the application also important feature gives you tips to purify and ways in which you can practice jogging or cycling, or you can create these paths yourself as you prefer.
What distinguishes Strava particular application is that it works like a private social network lovers running and riding a bike, where you can identify the millions of other users and make friends with them and knowledge, as you can exchange your experience and your knowledge and take advantage of them significantly. You can also participate in the challenges offered by the application to its users on a monthly basis, what drives you to do more effort, and you can share your achievements your friends via Facebook or Twitter.

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