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The application Sprayscape of the newly released Android applications to users of Android phones, was launched by the company Google users photography, especially images 360 degrees. The idea is to use these images began to spread widely around the world, especially on social networks, where we see a 360-degree images on Facebook.

Features Application Sprayscape:
What distinguishes this application is that it's free is available for both Android system users. The program lets you imaging tools that lets you take a picture angle of 360 degrees and with ease using the gyroscope sensor found in Android phones, then you can see what was filmed through virtual reality glasses Google Cardboard. How to use The application is easy Sprayscape, after opening application, by clicking on the screen at once and will shift its color to black, and then the pressure back on the screen began in photography and all you need is to move the phone in order to get a picture angle of 360 degrees and distinctive.

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