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Download soma messenger program 2017 for Android
Spread wonderful application soma messenger contender for the application of WhatsApp, which began to spread and is used in many parts of the world more than WhatsApp on the one hand, many people, The application or Soma program for laptop gives you the opportunity to make free calls and the work of clerical talks well and communicate with many of the people you want in their conversation around the world, and without recourse to the payment of any additional fees, it also provides you with the possibility of working groups to talk with friends in a group with the largest number of people,this program is very strong in their respective fields and newly proved himself and this became too much about the world they have downloaded and resorting to use it because of his fame and its features.
is a program that has met a lot of fame and the high demand of the people and has become the most famous scattered conversations programs around the world and different from its competitors in that it is very light and easy and although it has been newly reissued in 2015 but that it was spread on a very large scale, and you can when you download this application to enjoy its advantages, such as the work of a large group of 500 people to their conversation all at the same time,And also from which we can work video calls extreme purity and shoot the video clearly and HD technology and sending it through the application the same quality design of this application is very similar to the application of WhatsApp and blue background color and can be accessed and downloaded on Android phones and the iPhone, and can also be charged him on your computer and your laptop for optimum exploitation of the potential.
Features soma messenger software for laptop

Free program you can get it easily through a PC or laptop your profile.

Is an easy program does not need to explain or clarification in order to deal with him.

Soma program for laptop light on your laptop does not cause him any spasm or difficulties in the operation.

Features of this program it is the only program that could be by a large group of people up to 500 people and is the number does not permit applications and other software.
Information about the program
Software Version: soma messenger 2017
Developer: Instanza Interactive Limited
Program size: 24 MB
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: Android operating system and Yvonne
Licensing Program: Free

Download soma messenger for Android

Download soma messenger for iPhone

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