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Many people like to exercise consistently, and many of them do not practice it, but to hear music in their ears, which increases their enthusiasm during sports and relieves boredom while exercising some long-term Calgary sports and cycling.
RockMyRun application designed for these people, where the application works with many professional DJ in the music format in order to design suitable for various kinds of sports clips, where she was taken and carefully orchestrated for people who do sports, physical.
The application provides some of the best features in their respective fields, where governors if your machine is able to recognize the heart rate as do modern devices, can RockMyRun modified sections according to the heart rate and physical exertion that you do, is different this application for other music applications for the fact that the passages carefully designed specially for the practitioners of the sport.
The application lets you choose the music you like the type, whether you prefer pop or rock or rap, or even the old music and classics, all of these species, and more can be found in the application RockMyRun, and choose what you want them for your sport, or you can leave application propose other clips.

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