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If you're a fan of drawing, whether on the computer or even a normal painting paintings devices, ask you today Infinite Painter program dedicated to mobile devices operating system Android devices IOS and through which you will be able professional graphics work and without the need to use the graphic design on the computer programs.

Infinite Painter program features:
Infinite Painter program is classified as one of the best programs and dedicated applications for portable devices of various kinds of professional painting. As shown in the picture below, the program has a professional interface at the same time easy to use and has a distinctive set of drawing tools and professional graphics that make you go out and forms very professional, such as brushes and drawing tools, colors and amendment. Infinite Painter application contains a number 80 brush carefully selected, and you can create brushes as you want and save them for later use. The program provides you with the establishment of the layers feature, as is the case with quite Photoshop, also lets you drawing a three-dimensional stereo. Brushes in an interactive program which they interact during the drawing, which gives you the impression he was realistic. Infinite Painter program that lets you write on images and designs so you can use it side by side next to the writing program at the pictures. There are tools within the application of the coating, painting and storytelling and a lot of tools that will help in the work of professional graphics.

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