Download Google Duo

Google is the Duo application of new Android applications and distinctive, which Google announced recently, the program specialist to conduct video calls are free to run the Android platform and IOS software. Application and since its release officially on the Google Play app store as he was walking at a steady pace and has become one of the most downloaded applications on the App Store worldwide. In general, thanks to due to ease of use of the program and the lack of complexity and quality of the video during a video call through.

Google Duo application is distinct from the rest of the other chat programs, both Viper or Skype or other services in that it allows you to just free video calls feature and therefore gives you the service high distinction, as it allows you to preview the caller and watch it before you you answer the call. In general, Google Duo-based application on your mobile phone number and you can connect with people who have a personal their numbers on your phone, so this application is similar to that of a large program of Watts in August at this point. Finally, you can download for free to users of both Android or iPhone mobile devices and iPad holders of the following icons.

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