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With a high prevalence of animation recently used very heavily on social networks, whether Facebook or Twitter, we need programs and applications that will allow us to work animated GIF format images. Today we ask GIPHY CAM program dedicated to Android phones and the iPhone and through which you will be able to work and create moving images with ease through your mobile phone and without having to use a modified pictures on the desktop PC programs.

GIPHY CAM software features:
This program allows you as I mentioned at the top the possibility of work and industry animated GIF images with the possibility of adding the visual and optical effects. In general you will be able through GIPHY CAM software to capture images with the camera phone and then add filters and effects to these images, texts and writing them and also add emoticons to your liking and then converted a moving image. Finally, you can save the final work on your phone and then share it with your friends on social networks through Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp or Telegram and other software.

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