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Download the application for Android b612

The application b612 as an optimal program and the most beautiful and most spectacular in the field of professional photography, it is the application of professional user through millions of users on the level of the entire world, this program supports the possibility of photographic self (program Sylvie from the heart) by using the front camera or the rear of the highest quality and the finest performance and high precision and clarity and purity of the images so that makes you able to change illuminations pictures and influences and if you were a professional photographer so choose lighting that fit with you and proper effect to your choice and the fires wonderful program and this description proceeds opinions of anyone who downloaded and used, and can be accessed on all mobile Android, helps you take pictures of your own special moments that wish to retrieving days,and while you try it you will not use any representation of another program on your phone because it is unparalleled in capturing distinctive images that make you look like a celebrity is also available in this application is the possibility of a video camera Unknown specific time duration and control the quality of the lighting that was severe or faint or photographed black and white in order to look old or make features more prominent,and also it enables the integration of more than one image with each other through the designated templates since its capture a range of different images into a single image, and you can also set it to automatic imaging without the need to press the button imaging property.

Features Application b612

It is characterized by the application free application is available on google Play and easily upload it and deal with it.

It characterized by the possibility to combine more than a different picture and different effects in light of only one frame.

This is the application of the applications that are simple and easy interface and you do not need explanations to deal with it.

Information about the program
Software version: b612 2017
Developer: LINE Corporation
Program size: 53 MB
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: Android operating system and iPhone
Licensing Program: Free

Download b612 for Android

Download b612 for iPhone

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