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Explain and evaluate Advanced SystemCare
Advanced SystemCare is the best program that you suffer from a slow device and the proliferation of unnecessary files and programs, and the weakness of the weight of RAM because of the large number of existing operations in the wizard, where you can solve all these problems and more with great ease.
Allows many more than any other software tools, so it is classified as the best program in the field of clean and speed up the computer, where you can click on the scan button to scan all large files and delete them.
The program provides tools to delete the old registry as cleaning machine than with non-desirable programs and unnecessary and tools to speed up the Internet and installed in the device management software to discover files, as the machine can accelerate through and put it into turbo mode to provide greater speed.
Also provides you with the bar on the desktop, you can monitor the ram position and processor, also tells you about the state of your system in general and detailed reports that you like it, but you have to beware of advertising links are very many other programs that may be substantiated unintentionally while browsing this interface the program.

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