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After a period of time of your use of your computer you will notice that the device needs maintenance system for any version of Windows you are using. Ace Utilities program that works to solve system problems and clean your computer from the internet and waste that cause a significant slow down in performance and take a large area of the total area of the hard disk, especially Driver C.

Ace Utilities Program features:
Ace Utilities software speeds up the windows dramatically and you will notice this very well when giving commands to the device and the speed of response, as you will notice an increase in the speed of web browsers used by either you or Google Chrome users of Mozilla Firefox or Opera browser and others. The program will contribute significantly to save space on the hard disk and delete through remnants of surfing the Internet, called the temporary files. Ace Utilities program will you multiple Registry problems. There is an important feature in the program: the search for duplicate files, delete, and thereby increasing the device space is more, it also improves the performance of RAM processor and relieve the pressure on them and therefore if you are using a computer, you will save the program cargo capacity own battery and computer to increase the shelf life to it. You can use Ace Utilities to delete browsing programs cookies without the use of traditional methods, the program also can examine the hard and analysis and search for errors in treatment and also repair software problems that have been installed on your computer.

Developer: Acelogix Software.
Category: computer programs
Compatible with Windows: xp, vista, 7,8,10.
Size: 6.35 Mb.
License: Demo Trial.
Download Ace Utilities program.

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