Chedot browser 2016

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The new online Chedot browser fast browser designed somewhat similar to Google Chrome program it contains all the features as well, where you can browse more than one page at a time and easy navigation between web pages  and create a list of the most important sites you visit and favorite sites and enjoy a clear line while surfing various Internet sites, the program can also download files via torrent and audio files of various kinds and an immediate check on the Internet through the program fast while surfing the Internet and is the fastest eight times that of other browsers when downloading files from the Internet, and security software provides while surfing the Internet sites and prevent the entry of the virus into the computer and dealing with malicious pages and mined, a program Chedot browser saves records surf the Internet and can be controlled and removed,and also to save passwords and e-mail to various locations, the program also features many of the characteristics of it depends on his determination to chromium and contains a search powers on the facade of the main program helps you to access the required locations fast engine, and display the temperatures, and foreign currency and the latest breaking news and important, the program contains the most famous sites in the interface simple software and you can browse, and navigate between pages with ease.

About software version Chedot browser

Software version: Chedot 51.0.2704.532
Released: 2016
Developer: Chedot
Program size: 60 MB
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: All Windows versions
Windows XP -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software License: Free

Download Chedot 51.0.2704.532 for PC


  1. NIce and Very Fast browser
    Chedot Browser

    1. yes ali it's very fast browser I'm so happy because you like it