BeeDoctor program considered one of the best maintenance and speed up your computer in general Windows programs and also protection from spyware and viruses circulating on the Internet pages. BeeDoctor the program containing several important tools to accelerate the take-off process when Windows start-up and speed up all the tasks and orders carried out by the computer. Of the most important tools Existing program tool special protection from viruses and malicious files that you may experience when using the Internet, this tool for protection backed by the private German company Avira antivirus protection. There is another tool in the program BeeDoctor a Cleaner and purpose of cleaning your system of temporary files that fill up your device as a result of browsing web pages on a daily basis. There are another tool in a special program to delete stubborn roots of the programs.

Developer: BeeDoctor.
Compatible with Windows: xp, vista, 7,8.
Size: 750 KB.
No. Version: 0.1.1
The program is free.
Download BeeDoctor program.

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