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Download editing program and view photos AquaSoft SlideShow

AquaSoft SlideShow pilot program and modification programs, edit and arrange photos, you can write on the pictures and write the date or the place that has been taking pictures in it with a loaded camera data and information to determine automatically the sites, the program helps you in editing the writing on the images are smooth and easy by controlling the type and size and font color, you can make zoom to enlarge certain parts of the picture to see the details out, you can get rid of unwanted scenes within the image, such as red eyes,the program offers a lot of moving images of high quality with colors and styles and vehicles difference, the program is not just only the photo editor can even be used to create videos of your photos and enter acoustics are you interested in it, you can edit your videos with the use of colors and lighting effects to create visual experiences a stunning addition to providing many of the tools that help in improving the videos that are recorded with a camera or mobile phone quality.
The program helps you to speed up or slow down the display videos to give special moments more time, you can make the rotation 3D three-dimensional images or video, the program helps you to burn your videos own cylinders CD or DVD and you can share your videos with your friends through social networking such as Facebook sites and Twitter and others, the program runs in the background and does not affect a lot of processor resources program supports the writing on the images for easy explanation of topics and choose the appropriate colors for the line and full control of image size and quality.

Information from issuing AquaSoft SlideShow program
Software version: AquaSoft SlideShow 10.3.02 Ultimate
Release Date: September 2016
Developer: AquaSoft GmbH
Program size: 215 MB
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: All Windows versions
Windows XP -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software license: Trial
Classification: Download Program

Download AquaSoft SlideShow for PC

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