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Aoao Watermark program works to add watermarks to images to protect the copyright or the protection of your images, the program's interface is simple and contains many different tabs that are used to insert the image on the program and add watermark and save the change has happened to the image, you can share your photos with your friends or your relatives over social networking sites without fear of using your photos badly, the program offers many watermarks visible or transparent, whether the text and picture frame,text watermark may be a sign, date or copyright symbols, contains the program on aquatic tires that can be added to the image, such as painting style or modern style and others, the program features high speed where you can put watermarks on the 300 photos in less than one minute.
You can take full control of the position and size of the watermark, the program provides you with more than 150 free watermark can also convert images format after placing the watermark to the popular formats such as JPG, BMP, GIF, TGA, etc., characterized by difficulty watermarks scanned
Therefore I prefer to create a folder to save your original photos before putting watermarks on them, the program provides you with the possibility of creativity in the creation of watermarks that you love adorn Photos by,add watermark to the animated GIF image does not affect the vitality, you can cut unwanted parts of the image and display the required parts only, you can rename hundreds of photos after the watermark mode.
Program Information Aoao Watermark 8.6
Released: Aoao Watermark 8.6
The last update of the program: May 2015
Size: 9.7 MB
Developer: Aoaophoto Digital Studio
Category: computer programs, computer programs in 2016
Compatibility: all versions of Windows
Language Program: many languages
Licenses: DEMO Trial
Classification:Download Program

Download  Aoao Watermark 8.6 for PC

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