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What is Windows 7 is an operating system that is used in personal computers and mobile devices, which we have installed on devices when purchased to be able to perform tasks in the computer and use it and use the software and hardware associated with using this system different characteristics, and Windows 7 is the developer of the system for Windows Vista, and contains many of the features and services that were not present in previous regimes, especially as Microsoft services that the company added for people with special needs that were not already present ,it is through this Windows blind person can implement commands by using voice, this service, for example, were not previously exist.

Windows 7 systems of the most prevalent among the versions that Microsoft made its promulgation, it is considered easy to use and handle systems, and contain many of the characteristics that have helped to spread,it supports many applications and software deployed, desktops such as those being developed by Microsoft, the multiple design and programs being developed by Adobe Systems, and many other programs.

Through Windows 7, you can install any software you need to get things done with ease, and you can add as many equipment and devices used by your computer as a printer and fax,And cellular devices, smart phones, as we have become easily move around in cellular phones using the computer files, and Windows 7, we have an easy performance of our jobs and our tasks with ease and speed of super.

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