Application Truemessenger and developed by Truecaller rich company from the definition Her Giant application to disclose the identity of callers with the same company name, the company did not stop at this point has been launched by the period of application Truedialer and that manages contacts and at the same time mixed with the mother Truecaller application, and yesterday the company has announced a new application called Truemessenger through which will be SMS messaging management, filtered and available free of charge on the android system.

And thus crystallize the idea of a new app around the same idea, which came out the other application Truecaller but the field is different in that it regards disclosure of the message sender's identity, and the second detects the caller's identity, as the new application advantage blacklist to put spam figures which do not even receive after that comes any message from this number spam, as well as from the Report spam feature to figure it becomes prohibited for various application users in the world.

To download the application


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