We put you on the Downloads software site of many Windows maintenance programs, and today we will review with you one of the new programs in this area, which Systimizer and specialist in the work program of comprehensive periodic maintenance of the system with all its contents, as well as all the technical problems in the computer you are using.

In general these programs benefit lies in improving the performance of your computer or laptop after a period of operation, where we always note that the system begins to slow in the implementation of operations and commands. What most distinguishes Systimizer program is that it is easy to use and uncomplicated final because it has the operation interface easy and simple as it is clear image attached.Purview contains a number 4 different rankings in the top bar and the first classification System Scanner, which works on the examination of all computer parts in order to detect all the problems in it and also the Registry problems, through this tool, you will notice a significant increase in the speed of the device and also increase the speed of the Internet, whether browsing or loading. We also find Classification System Booster is a tool that works to increase the speed of the system through Stop programs and applications that run in the background and which do not have the benefit, which in turn causes weight in performance and consume device resources either RAM or processor. There is also a Startup Manager tool and the purpose of which is the programs that run at the start of operation of Windows, which works to slow running and take off disabled.

Developer: Systimizer.
Compatible with Windows: xp, vista, 7,8,10.
Size: 1.8 MB.
License: Demo.
 Download Systimizer program.

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