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Proliferated in recent times a lot of applications that care about social communion such as WhatsApp and fiber etc of which met with great success and of which met with great failures of us comes in the middle do not know how to reach the top, because a lot of programmers believed that the reason for the failure is the non-existence of money but what do not you know that the application is programmed, which is the source of money Payout is from you and not from you it will be spent will go so this question is what the application success factor? The answer is very simple factor the success of any application or any new invention is the idea new idea Yes That does not rely on tradition is the first success factor and we know more we'll take a new path in our topic today, which we will talk about the application snapchat 2017 who was a very great success, one of the most important programs of talks Is quite popular in a short time snapchat arrived to what is in it by a simple idea is a new type of communication only through images that reflect on the situation and write just this simple idea,It enabled him to achieve the owner of a very large sums of money, but who is the owner of snapchat owned by Evan Spiegel and Robert Murphy Who downloaded programming this application you can take pictures and shoot video and then modify them by writing and add the codes to you send to the wishes of The program is a very attractive all these reasons leaders find the list of Android programs and iPone programs in all popular programs sites.

Features Application snapchat

You can of constant communication with your friends and with new people.

It provides you with contact via video, audio and image.

Provides you share photos and modified.

Add filters for an amendment to allow you the pictures.

The software will delete the images that have been shared with friends after a very short period of view so as to maintain privacy.

The application can send text messages to anyone.

You Can of imaging through a camera phone, as well as computer

Information about the program
Software Version: snapchat 2017
Developer: snapchat
Program size: MB
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: Windows All versions
Windows XP and Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8

Licensing Program: Free

Download snapchat 2017 for Android 

Download snapchat 2017 for iPone

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