Photodirector 8 final

Program PhotoDirector 8 Adjustable pictures

PhotoDirector program of the strongest and edit photo editing software where he works to turn your photos into wonderful paintings simple and convenient program for beginners and professionals in the field of imaging, software PhotoDirector 7
From a production company cyber Link famous and well-known in the field of image programs,the program features many advantages of us AutoCorrect distortion and shading deviation color scheme, has a great set of tools for image processing and add a lot of wonderful effects on, the software will adjust the individual RGB channels to correct the white balance problems,You many images merged into a single image, the program selects the most images smile automatically, the program works to improve the quality of the sound in all formulations and add a lot of influences on them, you can control the size of the image and cut parts of it or add logos and logo on them, you can maintain your privacy by putting watermarks on the images

PhotoDirector program features

Full control of the images using the cleaning and scanning tools and remove defects

Integration of images into a single image to look more professional

Choosing the right frame of the image to preserve its beauty.

Download PhotoDirector 8 software for PC and Mac

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