Polarr Photo Editor

In my opinion, most existing applications in various well-known operating systems are applications of image processing, the reason for this the fact that the user go to these applications is constantly in order to make pictures vibrant, but the selection by the user will be a very difficult fact that these applications are full and at the same time each application has special tools, users of android and iphone here's giant new application in image editing and add various effects by applying Polarr.

App recently put on the two systems, and the first look the application shows that it will have a significant matter in the future, how it all in two weeks have downloaded the application more enabled two million user without Android system, perhaps this really figure shows the application strength and the strength of the offer to users tools.

Application Polarr professional editing and beautiful it is free available and in full, contain different and all the editing tools that we see in various applications, as well as a range of stunning new in the world of editing filters, as well as ready templates and most importantly, a new all in a new, also specify the color tools and extracted high precision very.

Of the great features that come with the application, is the possibility of Polarr copy set amendments and additions that have been developed to an image and paste it on another image or save it to then be used on other images, it also comes with tools of exposure and the memorial and tools curves to impregnate color accuracy to be, as well as working on the application status of the vertical and horizontal situation with ease, and a recent weakening of the step you want operations.

Finally, the application is available free on both systems, you can download it by clicking on the icon each store and your device, it mentions that he supports Android 4.4 versions of what followed, as well as supports iOS 8.1 versions of what followed.

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