Sometimes we need to use software to play audio formats on Android phones is the official application built with any Android phone, in this case, you can use the application free Musicagraph which provides a distinctive set of professional tools.

Although there are many programs playing music on the Google Play store, such as the famous MX Player program, but the application Musicagraph is distinguished from most of these programs, as adopted in the design of the famous, which add a touch of aesthetic applications touch Material desinge as is the case with the application of Facebook Messenger and the application of Google Chrome's android phones. In the application of Musicagraph we find that the program options exist side by side, as is the case with applications that rely on Material desinge.

Through your use of the application will be able to play all audio formats on your mobile phone and most famously MP3 MP3 and WAV and others. There are many distinctive additions within the software you'll learn it when you try it on your phone. Finally, you can download through the App Store for free size 6 MB only.

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