Music Memos

Apple launched a new application carries the name Music Memos Its main purpose is to record the audio potential of advanced specifications for mobile devices and iphone iPad. As shown in the picture at the bottom, the application of Music Memos owned operation interface easy for users, where there is a special register button in the middle, as is evident.

The application can record sound automatically when there is no ambient sounds do, featured in this program is that after the completion of registration will allow you to purview the possibility of adding some sound effects and dazzling rhythms and varying degrees depending on your taste. Music Memos application does not stop at the addition of these rhythms by hand, where use modern advanced technology allows the application is well to recognize the sound that was recorded and analyzed and then choose the audio clips another occasion her.

Registration on the application of Music Memos have high quality does not depend on where the audio compression techniques that lead to loss of quality. After completion of recording audio you can save the file to your iPhone or iPad device. You can download the application free of the size of 122 Mb by going to the Apple applications store the following icon.

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