Microsoft Security Essentials

About the Microsoft Security Essentials program :

Microsoft Security Essentials is a program of the best antivirus software provided by Microsoft Corp., which protects you from the risk of espionage and penetration while you are on the Internet. The program supports 33 languages including English and French. Most important characteristic of the program simplicity in design and lightness on the computers. Microsoft Security Essentials is capable of trimming program is a virus on Windows, as he is doing a full examination of all Computer definitions to make sure they are free of viruses and malicious files. The last feature is available in the Microsoft Security Essentials is a program that constantly runs in the background of Windows and this is very important if you connect a USB or memory card to your computer, where the program will examine the files located directly by a virus and deletes them. The program is doing a continuous update of the virus in its database to identify the latest threats that you may experience.

Photos for Microsoft Security Essentials :

Compatible with Windows: xp / vista / 8.
Program size: 10.6 MB.

The program is free.

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