Horizon Camera

Abound applications that will make your photos professional and extremely beautiful, without showing any negative problems of vibration, for example, as these negative greatly affect the image, let alone if you record a video clip, and I saw a divergence in this section because one way or another, certainly will feel anguish for not the emergence of a clear video without any deviations remember.

Do not worry anymore with the application of Horizon Camera allocated for mobile phones and smartphones as well as tablet and tablet operating global operating system Android, as well as the operating system IOS devices "for iPhone and iPad," where you can this application to photograph any video incidentally, even if I grabbed the phone from any hand, and not only this, but the original quality of the clip photographer application gives you.

Horizon Camera is based on sensors located on your phone, specifically both Accelerometer and Gyroscope sensor, which makes the imaging process while taking a fantastic section, whatever the status of constipation of the phone whether it is vertical or transverse position or even diagonally.

In addition, the application offers many options such as a choice of three different assets a "VGA" and "HD 720p" and "FHD 1080p", chose appropriate for you and enjoy the passage clear and very accurate video, and users can now download the Horizon Camera according to the system in place your smartphone .

Size: 7.4 MB.
Support: Android 4.3 What is the highest.
License: Free.

Version: 3.0.

Size: 8.5 MB.
Support: IOS 7.0 What is the highest.
License: Free.

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