Google Allo

Google officially launched Google Allo new application which will serve as a strong contender for the application of Watts in August and application of Facebook Messenger private network Facebook and also Telegram and Viper and Wayne and others. Application enters strongly in the chat and messaging, which will allow you to send direct text messages, as is the case with well-known chat programs and also will be able to send voice messages.

Google on Google Allo application confidential and encrypted Conversations feature is enabled so as to increase safety during the talks and chat through the program, which was developed to provide him with the famous encryption end-to-end. New things brought about by Google Allo program of artificial intelligence feature, which in turn will propose graphical symbols and responses you while chatting, and that the application has been the assistant voice Google Assistant, which you called up at any moment during the use of the software supplied. The application provides you with a large number of posters expressive and gives you the ability to write the images to be sent to friends and a lot of other features that you'll learn upon his experience on your mobile phone. Finally, you can download for free to users of both Android or iPhone users and iPad through the official store of the following icons.

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