Abound applications and software for Android phones and IOS system, which works to accelerate mobile phones and devices, but the application GetSpace remains distinct from everyone, where he works on the examination of RAM and monitored in order to ensure that the available space on them.

In general random memory of the most important things that you should pay attention to in any mobile phone is considered intelligent, as it is with the total area is full her phone starts very slow in the execution of orders and operations conducted. GetSpace will examine the application of RAM and is cleaned and stop unwanted programs and applications that run in the background of the system works. Also works application GetSpace to delete unwanted files in the phone's memory, which produces about surfing the Internet and the use of programs and applications of various social networking such as Facebook and the application of Facebook Messenger and the application Watts August and Viper and Skype and YouTube, a subsidiary of Google and others, these temporary files working to slow Phone significantly decrease the space available for storage, whether external or internal. It is worth mentioning that the application GetSpace available for phones and IOS various kinds did not issue him a copy of the system Android so far, finally remind you that you can through the application knowledge of applications and games that have been installed and that you are dragging a large area of ​​RAM, and you can download from the Apple Store following the icon.

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