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Download encryption software and password-protect files Download Folder Lock
Folder Lock program is one of the strong programs in the field of encrypted files and folders on your computer where the program serves to protect privacy by locking files, documents, folders and hard drives by typing a strong password to prevent access by hackers to document important on your computer and the protection of messages and files e-mail and electronic storage devices,supports the program to back up files that are encrypted words strong password and the possibility of encrypting files up to 2 terabytes, you can through the Folder Lock program to hide personal photos and files private and personal videos and important from the prying eyes of the click of a button and synchronize encrypted and share files on the storage of which devices USB stick and CDs / DVDs and allows scans the history and effects of excess browse your computer and files on your computer. 
The interface is simple and easy-to-Folder Lock program to deal with them through the tools available to encrypt and closing files words strong password and a tool to copy the backup files for reference again and tool delete and wipe traces the history of computer activity, a program does not consume processor resources and order and light, one of the most respected and protect files and documents programs on the computer update was recently supports full integration with Windows 10 and minor enhancements and improved file encryption to maintain the privacy and write a strong password and promote cloud backup words were simplified user interface automatically for ease of use and encrypt your personal files and store online was German, Italian and French language support and the addition of amendments to increase the encryption and quickly High.
About software version Folder Lock 2016 computer
Software version: Folder Lock 7.6.2
Release Date: September 2016
Developer: NewSoftwares.net
Program official website
Program size: 9.93 Mb
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: All Windows versions Windows XP -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8 Windows10

Download  Folder Lock 7.6.2 software for PC

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