File Manager HD

We need to Android phones to use software applications to run on those phones stored files, if we relied on the tools available by default in any Android phone will not be able to do anything. Today we review with you on the Forums Modern very special application that will let you manage Android phones with ease and professional control. The application bears the name File Manager HD is available for free for all.

You will be able through the File Manager HD software to copy and move files within the phone, whether internal or external memory attached to it. Also will be able to delete unwanted files permanently from the phone and compress files in order to reduce its total area. The program provides you with the integration with various cloud storage services either Dropbox or Google Drive service Sky Drive, a subsidiary of Microsoft. Of features available within File Manager HD application is that it will be able to control and manage your phone from your PC or laptop, and there are many wonderful possibilities that you'll learn upon his experience on your phone. The program supports the Arabic language, English and many other languages of the world, as you can direct download through the following icon to shop Google Play.

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