Anvi Smart Defender

Anvi Smart Defender program that allows you to protect your computer from viruses and malicious files that may be exposed to while using the Internet or enter flashes Alliot ice me to the computer. What distinguishes Anvi Smart Defender program that it is free, it also monitors any new file to your device and enter automatically examined to make sure it is free from any viruses, especially during a presence on the Internet. The program has a special tool called the Network Guard purpose is to examine the web pages you visit and also automatically checks and make sure any file you want to download from the Internet.

The program also contains a tool on the Anti-Hacker as shown in the picture and working to combat attacks by hackers, who try to sneak into your computer and scan the system are very careful to make sure that there was no malicious files that may be offered your security risk. To work examining Scan device there in front of you three different options The first option is to do a quick check and recommended when a program Anvi Smart Defender's inauguration for the first time on your second option is the Full Scan which is to do a comprehensive inspection of each device and system files to search for any present by viruses, and the third option Custom Scan, which is to examine the work of a particular division or a particular Folder inside the computer.

Developer: anvisoft.
Compatible with Windows: xp, vista, 7,8,10.
Size: 37.44 Mb.
No. Version: 2.5
License: Free

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