VUE - video camera

Application VUE is one of the best applications currently iPhone, which gives you a very important advantage is the possibility of shooting high-quality video duration of 6 seconds with only add effects and filters wonderful it with ease, is the program useful in that it provides you with videos distinctive effects you can use in programs and applications to communicate social which allows post videos like Instagram and Vine and also on Facebook.

As I mentioned to you, the application will let you work VUE montage much any video and thus be used on other applications to communicate, that you as a helper application. VUE provides you with the application of a distinctive set of optical and cinematic effects that make it a video image of a masterpiece in every sense of the word meanings. It is worth mentioning that this The application is currently available only for phones iphone and provides you with a video camera possibility duration of 6 seconds only, also provides you with more than 30 poster you can put it on the videos that are filmed, there are also a number 12 filter characteristic is ready for direct application. Finally, you can download the application for free through Apple's App Store a 40 Mb of the following icon:

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