Video Maker

There are a lot of users of Android are looking for and are straining themselves to install applications, which tend to their orientation, for example, applications of images and video clips treatment, despite the large number of these applications and the presence of many of them, regardless of whether the application is worth the download or not, on the other hand, there are limited applications for other multimedia it videos, most unfortunately, on the computer, but with us today one of the applications that are produced by the process for your own video and added the photos as well as the acoustic ones.

Application Video Maker and private mobile phones, smart phones as well as computers tablet and tablet operating run Android system, and fortunately application is available for free for all and in full, the highlight provided by the application is the interface ideological and design that comes in, giving the impression Well the user, and most importantly ease of operation video editing.

As well as the possibility of developing images or audio clips with ease, where each type of these types icon its own in order to be imported, as the application tool scripts writing on video and features, along a set of filters moot and effects that you can choose among them and put them on the place of montage to show the video in great beauty, and then you have the option to save the studio or share directly to sites and social networking platforms of knowledge, for example Facebook and Twitter .

Finally, you can now download the application Video Maker for free by clicking on the download icon at the bottom of the application takes you directly to the page in the Google Play store, which supports Android 3.0 What is the highest, comes the size of 20 MB.

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