With long-term use and for continuous computer, you notice a slow year in the performance of your computer and the system in general. UPCleaner program is with us today addresses that problem, since it is designed to clean the device and accelerate to the maximum extent possible. The software will configure the system and delete the remnants of files and temporary files generated from web browsing.

UPCleaner program that monitors the performance of the computer in general, and lets you delete the regime remnants periodically and therefore you'll get a great speed in the performance of the device. According to the official program site, the program will increase computer speed by 20%. After installing the software on your device, press the Scan button NOW located in green, after which the program will scan the computer to find the remnants of the regime named System Junk Files and also remnants of the browser named Browser Junk Files. After the completion of the examination, you can press the Clean button to clean up the waste have been created. The program also works to disable programs running in the background of the system, which operates largely on a slow computer, they also consume and deplete the resources of the machine and strain the processor.

Developer: Brotsoft technology co., Limited.
Compatible with Windows: xp, vista, 7,8,10.
Size: 1.14 Mb.
No. Version: 1.2
License: Free.
Download UPCleaner program

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