Split Pic

Split Pic program to join the list of adjustment programs on the images to Android phones and the iPhone, which allows users to edit pictures on their mobile phones quite professionally. The most important characteristic of this program is to add effects to the images, which uses a distinctive style and different from the rest of the known existing programs and on the Android Google Play app store or even on the shop Apple Store.

Split Pic program that lets you choose a specific filter and open the phone's camera to take pictures with a filter applied directly during the filming, you can also choose a specific image from the phone memory and start racing in the amendment and the addition of a specific filter and the impact of them and then save them again. The application also lets you adjust the colors of images and the degree of contrast, clarity and saturation control and much more. Also features in the program is that you can integrate images to work Album of work, and there are a number of configurations pre-prepared and ready to insert an image on them.

Split Pic program is available for free on the Google Play store applications the size of 17 MB, and is also available for download to mobile devices iphone and iPad size of 53.7 MB and, finally, a copy is also available for Windows phones iPhone from Microsoft.

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