SHAREit program is a quantum leap in the field of Android programs, which allows you to program the giant spatial send and replacement files to your Android too quickly if you want this fast speed data using Bluetooth or any other method of transportation.

The most important characteristic of SHAREit program, it deals with all the files you want to send or receive to your mobile phone types. You will be able through this application to send files at speeds in excess of 200 times the transfer speed using Bluetooth technology. SHAREit program does not require an Internet connection does not use any cables or external links, it also supports the deal with the iPhone and iPad devices and phones from Microsoft Windows iPhone phones and deals with the Mac system and all versions of Windows. According to official statistics of the company developed, the SHAREit program used by about 300 million people around the world in 200 countries.

SHAREit you can download the program for free for Android phones the size of 5.6 MB by clicking on the icon next to the shop Google Play Android applications.

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