Screenshot Join

Most Android phones users are looking for programs and free applications to take snapshots of the screen nigeriawap or as some "screen shot" call, with Screenshot Join the program will be able to portray the entire screen nigeriawap and took more than a snapshot with the possibility of merging the footage with each other in various ways.

Something new to take snapshots of the computer screen or a screen shot of the things become very important now, as they are frequently used in the work of the special explanations by Android. Some also used in the filming of chat conversations as is the case with the application of Facebook Messenger program and Watts August and others and share these photos with friends. The most important Screenshot Join characteristic of the application is the possibility of merging the captured images with each other, where this feature is not available in the rest of the special mobile phones imaging software. You will be able through the application of assembling images into a single image either vertically or horizontally depending on your choice. Screenshot Join Finally, the program does not require the powers of your root and you can download it for free by clicking on the icon next to the shop Google Play applications the size of 2.4 MB.

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