The application prisma of the best adjustment programs on the pictures of the phones and the best applications that have spread on the Android store and the iPhone skyrocketing, and won the admiration quite a lot in a few days to be asked in the market has been launched for the system iPhone in the first and only now become available on Android you can download it easily links Down

Prisma application, is a Russian application was developed by the company Yandex and Mail.Ru Inc., and the application is one of the most important applications of the amendment on the images and work on effects that have appeared in other times, as it converts the image taken by the image drawn by hand on the way adult painters such as Munch and Picasso and Leonardo da Vinci, as the application depends on the programming of a very precise and complex analyzes the image and studied even apply the same styles famous paintings in a manner commensurate with the sound and turn it into a painting as if a professional hand-painted,

Actually applied wondrous and excelled both companies in the development of the painters must be wary of this application will not go on it so people do without the painters in the performance of this process as it does not need to have been their drawing if they can use their phone to do so, of course, this does not include art lovers, because lovers Art all of them will not forego the real and natural drawing and digital painting and change it through this software, applications, and application interface similar to most of the facades of the camera equipped with effects as applications Retrica and Candy enough that you shoot an image then choose the filter or The effect that you want, then click on the application and then let the application performs its magic and Stsdm result So in short if you want to make your room, for example, look stylish and artistic as one of Picasso's paintings or want to pick up the image of Sylvie and look where as manga characters or cumic, or if you want a mock magazine industry such as fees and mango, are applied Prisma is what you need to do it and will not need any experience in drawing only capture images suitable for it.

Information about the application
Application version: prisma 1.1

Developer: Alexey Moiseenkov
Program size: 7.2 MB
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: iPhone, iPad and iPod, Android system
Licensing Program: Free
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