Pixlr – Free Photo Editor

Changing the colors of the images.

First, change the colors of images of a computer program:

For the program responsible for changing the colors of the pictures of the computer is Pixlr free program that lets you generally add effects to images and tires and adjust the image's colors with the degree of control the degree of saturation, brightness, and many more. You can use the program to modify images in terms of the removal of the existing defects and improve quality significantly. The great importance of this program lies in changing the colors of the pictures in color that you want them, you can also convert all colors of black and white images to color just as if they had been photographed in a long time. You can also use the program to add labels to images and no special tool and auto-year improvement of images.

Now you can download Pixlr computers comprehensive amendment of the images and add effects, and change the color of the icon following program:

Second, changing the colors of the pictures of the Android software:

For users of Android phones they can use the program Pixlr - Free Photo Editor is also free and which includes a lot of adjustment and coloring pictures tools and thus independent of means for modifying the use of most of the images on your mobile phone programs.
You can use the program to control defects images and colors dull and change color images in full, as you can coloring certain places in the photos without the rest of the other parts, as well as hair coloring or make color photos look black and white with the exception of a certain part of the real him in color as well as use the program to change color-coded images, you can use it to add effects and filters to them, since it has 37 different effect The medley is ready for direct use on your photos. The program can also be used in writing on the pictures, providing you are 28 new line and beautiful writing with the control in the color and font size, there are other important feature is that the program gives you the possibility of using brushes as is the case with Photoshop in order to improve the image and tuned wider.

You can program Pixlr - Download Free Photo Editor for Android to change the colors of the pictures and to add filters and effects of the following icon to shop Google Play applications.

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