It gives you high-quality PhotoFilmStrip industry videos and movies program of images and backgrounds on your device which is comparable to a large proportion of the film-maker images which we presented earlier and also the famous Movie Maker software program for.

What distinguishes the program is with us today the ability to produce high-resolution movies and video quality up to 1080p. The program lets you PhotoFilmStrip add effects to the images that you use in the video industry. The program supports the use of most of the known image formats such as jpg and png, jpeg and a lot of formulas and other videos produced can control the format as well.

PhotoFilmStrip lets you control program in the time period to view the image in seconds and you can transfer some professional application between each image to another. Finally, we remind you that the program is simple finite Unlike other video editing software that mostly needs some training.

Developer: photofilmstrip.
Compatible with Windows: xp, vista, 7,8.
Size: 19.5 MB.
The program is free

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