Peach — share vividly

After the application has been launched on Yvonne Peach phones and system IOS earlier, the role of the existence of a copy of the application running on the Android system came. And anyone who does not know the application, it is a special chat and instant messaging application and serves as a social network, which was launched by the company known as Vine.

Application Peach adopted from the outset on a distinguished from the rest of the other social networks as a network Twitter and Facebook and others. The application lets you innovative ways to communicate with your friends around the world and very quickly, through the use of magic words advantage. Using some of the words by typing them on the chat, such as the word GIF will show you all the pictures in this format and thus share with your friends faster, and you can also write the word Song and share what you want, where friends can voice clips run through the Apple Music Service or the famous Spotify service. You can download the application for free Peach Android phones the size of 5 MB just by clicking on the following icon:

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