Opera Mini

Opera has always sought to modernize and develop its products and most notably Opera Mini for Android software, with the release of a new update to the application on the Android system that will let you conserve your data is larger than before, whether you are using the mobile internet or a local Wi-Fi networks.

It is worth mentioning that the Opera Mini browser provides you with 90% of the data while browsing the various online sites, and thus is always distinct from the Google Chrome browser or Mozilla Firefox, or even the default browser on the phone. On the one hand speed is faster than Opera Mini browsers but is classified globally as the fastest in the programs, surf the Internet in general. The new version, which bears the number 15 has been provided with the option of video compression and located in the main Opera browser for some time, also brought new update to download files, music and videos to and from the external memory card on Android possibility. Also has been added a new feature to reduce the size and space images of three different sizes, and so before starting the download, as was the work of various improvements to the interface operation and the colors used. Finally through the latest version of the Google Play App Store Click on the icon

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