Opera Max

 The application browsing Opera Max months of Android apps to surf the Internet through mobile very high speeds, and also features of this application is a lack of data consumption and thus provides you with the Mobile Internet package that you use on the phone.

Opera Max application developed by Opera Company, which has several versions of software applications and private surfing the net, whether from desktop computers or tablet devices and mobile phones smart. The program idolized around the world because of what is provided to the user of the ease and speed of use and reduce data consumption by compressed dramatically. Opera Max Opera Max gives you 50 of the consumption data, which are considered A very large percentage compared to other net browsers on Android phones such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser or your default browser Samsung. It is worth mentioning that the application received a new update brings the user several new options were fetching notifications property, where the purpose is to user applications on the phone and that consume data and run in the background. Through this property Opera put the maximum 10 mega bytes per exists on the phone for a one-week application, after the end of the week and the consumption value of 10 mega bytes of one of the applications will be notified of this through notices also will inform you of what has been the use of this data.

Opera has also added a new tool for the application Opera Max is a tool to show the applications that consume the capacity and charge the battery, you can get the latest version of the app for Android phones the size of 7.2 Mb by going to shop Google Play applications of the following icon:

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