My Data Manager

If you are using Internet heavily on Android phones or even mobile iphone, you should try My Data Manager software, which is free of the best software applications and communication control to the Internet on Mobile and also monitor consumption very accurately.

My Data Manager application is very popular among Android users and system IOS Proof of this is the number of downloads on many download stores. This program is useful in applications that are installed on your phone and are using the Internet always control whether web browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox, and others, as well as chat and messenger programs such as Watts August and Skype and Facebook Messenger and Viper. With control Program My Data Manager for the consumption of the Web on your phone you will be safe from the withdrawal of the Internet package that you subscribe to them and you'll also know which software is responsible for the withdrawal of speed and consumption for each of them separately, the program also alert continuously consumption and show you on the screen the amount of consumption in MB both you are using the mobile internet mobile phone companies or even wifi networks around you finally you can download through the Google Play app store and Apple store the following icons

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