Many people looking for ways to run programs and applications of the Android system on their computers, and there are already many simulation programs, which aims to provide a way to help allow for the operation of all the Android software on your computer as easily as the famous Blue Stack program. Today joins a new program to the list of these programs, a free LeapDroid through which will not face any problems in the operation of all Android applications and games on the computer.


In general simulation programs based on the Android system simulation on computers or on copies of Windows, you also need these programs to run a relatively high potential, particularly RAM and processor. LeapDroid program is with us is one of the lighter simulation programs will not cause the weight of the system performance unlike other programs. Of important features available in LeapDroid program is that you can from which multiple copies of a single application work and thus will be able to several uses different accounts of the same application. This feature is very important if you are, for example, you want to run two accounts for the application Watts August on the computer and also if you want to use accounts for the application of Facebook Messenger or even applying for Facebook official.

Developer: LeapDroid.
Compatible with Windows: xp, vista, 7,8,10.
Size: 268 MB.
License: Free.

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