Krita program is the most popular modification programs on the images and lets you design and high quality images through the professional tools provided by you and easy to handle at the same time. At first glance you'll find that Krita is similar to a program Alffucob largely from the overall shape of the outer hand, as is evident in the pictures below.

It features Krita program.

The program provides you with a large library of editing tools and photo editing, where you can draw a complete picture through the program by drawing on available software tool brushes and pen tools. You can also add different layers of your design and you can edit the color and the work by the holder. Krita also gives you the ability to add filters to program images and light effects, to add a touch aesthetic designs.

The program allows you to cut images into pieces, and you can delete the unwanted parts of the image and add another penalty as you want. You can also coloring pictures brushing and change the brightness and the brightness and contrast adjustment, and also lets you Krita possibility of merging images with each other through the layers feature of the program in order to get what some call the album compound which is very useful in working condition designs for personal occasions with family and friends. For those interested in writing to the images and backgrounds, the program provides you with this feature with a large sum of lines and you can font, size and type of color change. You can also rotate images in any of either the right or to the left corner and you can disguise the work on certain parts of the image as it is in Photoshop. As we mentioned above: The program provides a wide range of filters images and ready for application to the images to highlight the beauty and you can save a final design or images after the amendment to the computer images in any format you prefer either PNG or Jpeg.

Developer: krita.
Compatible with Windows: xp, vista, 7,8,10.
Size: 99.3 MB.
No. Version: 2.9
License: Free.
Download Krita program

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